The first thing that you’ll learn when you go through the soul grinding process of finding sex online through  is that reality really is your bitch. Seriously, you see, reality is all about perception and how you respond to that perception. Have you ever noticed that some guys who are like what, 4 foot 9, skinny as fuck, and look like something that the cat dragged in, end up fucking a lot of pussy in a typical singles bar in any corner of America? That’s not an accident. That is not an outlier.

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These guys know how the game works. They know that if they choose to perceive certain elements of reality in a way that empowers them instead of discouraging or depressing them, they will come out ahead. That’s all it takes, really. If you want to become a master salesman, pay attention to what your customers are saying and build on the positive things, bounce that back to them and guess what? They will start sucking your dick financially speaking, of course.


Do you see where I’m coming from? You have to perceive reality in such a way that you put yourself ahead. Most people think that being realistic is necessarily equivalent to becoming reality’s bitch. No, it doesn’t have to work out that way. You can’t just perceive certain cues that are grounded in reality and then process them in such a way to project more confidence out and ultimately, you bend reality.


You see, most people are cowards. The moment they come across somebody who knows how things work, they fucking give way and they fall in line. Make this reality work for you. You will only be as limited as your perception of reality. Make reality your bitch and when you go to sex dating sites, this is one of the skills that you learn because a lot of women will tell you that you are fucking ugly, you are too fat, you’re nasty, you’re a piece of shit, they don’t give a fuck about your feelings because it’s all anonymous.


Now, you can use this really fucked up feedback and process it in such a way where you come out stronger, leaner, meaner, and that’s right, unstoppable. To quote my favorite philosopher, “What doesn’t kill me only make me stronger.” That is from Friedrich Nietzsche.

How To Hook Up Online - Adult Gallery
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